Как это работает

Each credit report contains the following data about the verified company:
Angielska nazwa firmy
Chińska nazwa rejestracji firmy
Chiński business number
Adres rejestracji
Oddziały firmy
Forma prawna (rejestracja)
Przedstawiciel prawny (angielskie imię)
Przedstawiciel prawny (chińskie imię)
Powiązane firmy
Data rejestracji
Status działalności
Zakres działalności
Zadeklarowany kapitał zakładowy
Wpłacony kapitał zakładowy
Roczny obrót
Roczny eksport
Rejestracja w urzędzie skarbowym
Rejestracja w odpowiedniku polskiego ZUS
Rejestracja w urzędzie celnym
Licencja eksportowa
Licencja importowa
Powierzchnia fabryki
Liczba pracowników
Certyfikat ISO 9001
Rejestracja w miejskim biurze nadzoru
Konta bankowe
Strona internetowa
Data rejestracji domeny internetowej
Data wygaśnięcia domeny internetowej
Adres rejestracji domeny internetowej
Geolokalizacja serwera
Dodatkowe informacje
Opinia ekspertów ChinskiRaport.pl

We gather information on Chinese companies from numerous offices, such as:

  • The State Administration for Industry and Commerce (SAIC) - odpowiednik polskiego rejestru firm (KRS)
  • Customs House
  • Social Security Office
  • Office of Surveillance
  • Banks
  • Provincial and local registration offices
  • Local Chambers of Commerce
  • and others

All data included in the credit report are collected by experienced experts and analysts in our office in China. These are the actual data in accordance with Chinese law on the day the report was prepared. Just like in Poland, in China, offices track all forms of business activity. And every legally operating company must be registered.

That's why we do not recommend doing business in China without checking if the Chinese company has the appropriate registrations. In the link below, you can see an example report and see what kind of data about a business partner it will contain.

Besides the official data we also verify if the company has been implicated in fraud or if it's listed on any black lists (we also run such lists). At the end of each credit report, we write an independent opinion about the checked company, and we issue an assessment on the risk of collaboration. All information is translated into English.

Commercially sensitive information about our clients is our absolute priority. There is no possibility that the Chinese company will learn about the preparation of the credit report.

By choosing ExamineChina, you're in the hands of experts. We have years of experience of everyday trade with China. We observe the changes that have taken place in China and the frauds that occur there. We will suggest how to avoid and minimize risk. Chinese law and its complicated regulations are full of traps, and that's the point that we focus on. ExamineChina has specialized in the Chinese market for years, because we know it best. We believe that being an expert of narrow scope is more effective, and that's why we do not prepare reports on companies all over the world.

Need more information? Call 1-415-906-5126 (US) +48 532 619 322 (Int'l), write (contact@examinechina.com) or visit us at fairs (we have been present for years at all major trade fairs related to China).
We also encourage you to familiarize yourself with testimonials from our customers.